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Your family system needs mindfulness, understanding, love & respect as a foundation. The enemy loves sowing seeds of doubt, fear & distrust into the cracks of our foundations & once these seeds take root we tend to view & treat those we love through those faulty perceptions. This becomes a vicious cycle & starts feeling like an endless battle within our families. Let’s deal with these roots together so that we can live victoriously as strong family units led by the peace of God. I can help you establish or rebuild those foundations.

Why Family Counselling?


Miscommunication or misunderstanding each other’s communication styles can cause a lot of friction within a family. Learn how to communicate in a way that builds up & brings life to your family.

Love languages

Each person has a unique way of showing and receiving love. Learn how to love each other in the way that is unique to each person in the family.


Sometimes you need a neutral party who will not be partial to one side of an argument, but rather be a mediator in the situation by bringing a Godly perspective & wisdom.


Sometimes we just need Godly advice to help us with certain issues or problems we are facing within our families.

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