It is time to see yourself in a
different Light!

“We can only find purpose from our identity & the end result will be to flourish in our full potential!”

Marzette Harteveld Come As You Are

In-Person Counselling

I would love you to experience my in-person counselling sessions. This is an amazing place to connect face-to-face in order for me to help you upon your journey to discover your full potential in life.

Our sessions are set in a wonderfully relaxed & comfortable environment. The area is spacious & suitable for social distancing requirements with limited contact.

You are at home where the sun will most certainly shine upon you!

Marzette Harteveld Online Counselling

One-on-One Online Counselling

We are all busy & on-the-go, my online counselling is an option to make it more accessible for us to reach your goals. Instead of requiring additional time for your commute to my studio, I’m able to link up with you online.

Reach out to me via text, call, or email in order for us to have a quick consultation to gauge if I’m a “good fit” for your needs.

Some things to remember before starting online:

  • Ensure you have a reliable internet connection.
  • Test the audio & video before each session.
  • Find a good location that is totally private so you can fully immerse yourself into the time you’ve carved out for yourself.
Marzette Harteveld Online Courses

Online Courses

I will be offering various Online courses for all my counselling services, these courses will be made available shortly.

There will be valuable resources to help you continue upon your journey. Of which some will be free of charge, whilst others will require registration on my website. where you will have access to my courses, books & audio files.

I look forward to getting to know you and walking this road of discovery with you!

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